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Shrikhand Recipe - Homemade Yogurt Recipes

Shrikhand is an Indian sweet dish made of strained yogurt. It is one of the main desserts in Maharashtrian and Gujarati cuisine. Preparation of this dish is very simple but it takes some time to process yogurt properly.

Shrikhand Recipe Ingredients

    Shrikhand Recipe
  • 250 gm hung curd
  • 200 gm sugar (powdered)
  • Dry fruits
  • Kesar (Saffron)
  • 2-3 pods of ground cardamom

How to make Tasty Shrikhand Recipe at Home

  • Let the curd hang overnight in a mustin cloth to drain off the water.
  • Mix the hung curd and powdered sugar in a bowl.
  • Then add dry fruits and kesar for flavour and color.
  • Next mix in the cardamom powder.
Serve cold !!!


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