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Vegetarian Snacks Recipe - Stuffed Vegetarian Cones 

It’s a very complex situation when it comes to decide about the evening snacks. So we always tend to visit the fast food counters to quench our hunger for snacks as we lack time at home. Thinking of this situation I had always wanted to make something which can be easily prepared at home. Home cooked food is always healthy and this is the only reason I decided to make these Crispy Stuffed Vegetarian Cones. The entire idea was to bring a new member to the family of snacks and keep aside the junk food that we all munch on whenever we think of evening snacks.
Vegetarian Snacks Recipe

Crispy Stuffed Vegetarian Cones Snacks for Kids

  • 5 cups of Maida (flour)
  • 3 carrots finely chopped
  • 1 cup green peas
  • 5 medium sized potatoes (chopped in small pieces)
  • ½ chopped Red pepper
  • ½ chopped Green pepper
  • 1 tomato finely chopped
  • 4-5 finely chopped green chilies
  • 200 gms paneer (make small cubes)
  • 1 cone (I made the cone with a hard paper, you can get it from any store)
Lets split the whole process into 2 simple parts, preparing the stuffing and the cone.

Vegetable Snack Ideas - Crispy Stuffed Vegetarian Cones

  1. You should cook all the vegetables separately at first.
  2. Heat oil in a wok till its smoking hot. Add the chopped potatoes. Add pinch of salt and stir it well. Take it out when the potatoes are crisp. Keep aside.
  3. Now add the chopped carrots and the cup of green peas to the oil. Add pinch of salt and stir well until it becomes soft. Take it out and keep aside.
  4. Now its time to cook the finely chopped red and green peppers and the tomato together. Make sure you don’t cook it for long as you will lose the green and red color if overcooked. Take out the mixture and keep aside in a bowl.
  5. Now mix the crisp potatoes, chopped green chilies, cooked carrots and peas, red and green peppers and tomatoes together in the wok in 1 teaspoon oil. Stir it for 2 minutes in low flame.
  6. Take the paneer cubes and crush with your hand and mix it with the vegetables in the bowl.

Quick Vegetarian Snacks Recipe - Crispy Cones for Stuffed Vegetarian Cones

  1. Take the flour in a big bowl, and mix salt as per taste with 2 tablespoon of oil.
  2. Mix the ingredients well to form a mixture.
  3. Pour in half cup water and mix the dough well to almost dry.
  4. Then again pour half cup of water and mold well.
  5. When you see the dough is not sticking to your palm, then it’s ready.
  6. Divide the dough into medium sized balls, take little oil for lubrication and roll each of them to around 6-7 inches.
  7. After this is done wrap the rolled out maida to the cone and wrap the cone properly. Make sure you stick the edges with water else it won’t come out neatly from the hot oil.
  8. In the meantime heat the oil in medium flame. Then drop the maida wrapped cone along with the paper cone in the oil and fry in low to medium flame. Take it out when it turns light golden brown.
  9. Make 5-6 cones following the same procedure.
  10. Your well crafted cones are ready.
Now fill the cones with the cooked vegetable and serve with the green chutney or sauce . Your crispy vegetarian stuffed  cones are ready and am sure this recipe will be a favorite item among your family members and specially among the kids.


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