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Roti ( रोटि ) is an Indian Bread made from wheat flour also known as atta. There are many different types of roti made from different types of flour. Here we will be discussing the simplest form of Roti. Roti is usually round in shape and cooked on a Tawa (Non Stick Flat Pan) and then on Gas. It is also known as Chapati or Tawa Roti / Sada Roti.

Roti RecipeServes of Roti

4-5 (Four to Five)

Ingredients for Making Roti or Indian Bread

  • 1 bowl Wheat Flour (Atta)
  • 1/2 bowl Water
  • 1/4 teaspoon Salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon Ghee (optional)

Roti Recipe : How to make Homemade Indian Bread

Roti Recipe at Home using Chakla belan
Chakla - Belan
  1. Take a large oval shape bowl and add Wheat flour and then pinch of salt
  2. Now take water and mix it in Wheat flour and make a soft dough. Add water very slowly and at same time keep mixing the whole mixture. Stop pouring water the moment the dough is soft.
  3. Now transfer the soft and moist dough into a clean surface or another flat plate
  4. Cover the dough (gunda hua atta) in a damp cloth and leave it for 15-20 mins
  5. Make small equally sized round atta balls out of the dough. You will get 4 to 6 pieces of balls
  6. Now take some extra wheat flour and keep it aside the round atta balls
  7. Take a single piece of round ball, dip it in dry wheat flour and make it into a round sized circle of 3 inch radius with a Belan on a chakla ( a wooden piece of kitchen item ). Can also use a flat dias instead of chakla and a item similar to belan to roll the aata balls. See the image.
  8. Do not add too much dry flour on aata balls to avoid dryness
  9. Heat up the Tawa and put the rolled up dough on the Hot Tawa.
  10. Roll it to other side after 30seconds with help of a Tong. 
  11. Now let it cook for 1 min. Can also use a rolled up handkerchief to puff up the roti's.
  12. Now take it of the Tawa and put it under the direct gas flame and cook it from both sides.
  13. Keep turning it on regular basis till it puffs up and is golden brown in color.
  14. Recipe for Roti on Tawa
  15. Now take it off in a plate and brush it off with a little Ghee or White butter to add to taste (Optional)

Also Check How to Make Aata / Dough for Roti Video.

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