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Homemade Aloo Paratha Recipe

Aloo ka paratha is an Indian dish which is eaten extensively during breakfast and is also a popular snack. The best combination for this Aloo Paratha is a cup of yoghurt and some spicy and tangy pickles. It is as popular as Burger in USA :) Here is a video recipe on how to prepare a Aloo ka paratha.

You might have already seen How to make Aata / Dough Video . Follow that Video to make the Dough balls first and then you are ready to take it a step further and prepare an Aloo Paratha. This is one form of Stuffed Paratha. The other forms of stuffed paratha include Paneer ka paratha, Gobi ka paratha etc.

P.S: Aloo ka Paratha is a Calorie rich food item which is cooked with Ghee / White Butter.

There are few simple steps to be followed :

Step 1 : Prepare the Aata / Dough
Step 2 : Make a Mashed Potato (aloo) mixture. Add Salt, Red chilli, Dhaniya powder, Amchur Powder , Small pieces of Green chilli in small quantities.

aloo paratha
recipes of parathaStep 3:  Take a Tawa and use Ghee /White Butter to cook the paratha to a golden brown color.

aloo paratha recipe

You can also use Refined Oil, but the Paratha gives its Original taste only with Ghee or Butter.


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